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04 June 2013 @ 10:23 pm
[Glee] Adam's Hands' Less Than Epic Adventures (9)  
Titolo: Adam's Hands' Less Than Epic Adventures (9)
Fandom: Glee.
Personaggi/Pairing: Blaine Anderson/OMC, OMC/OMC.
Rating: NSFW
Warning: Slash, Lime, What if?
Wordcount: 5421
Prompt: In quel cassetto.
Disclaimer: Blaine e Glee non mi appartengono, sfortunatamente per entrambe le cose, che se le scrivessi io sarebbero molto meglio. Adam e Leo invece sono miei (in condivisione con melting_lullaby), e infatti sono bellissimi.


9. “Is everything alright?”

“Well, that’s unexpected,” Blaine grins, as Adam’s lips curl into an awkward, kind of embarrassed smile, “Except it’s not. Even though I distinctly recall us planning on let a few days pass between our last meeting and the next.”

“I let some days pass,” Adam shrugs.

“What, one and a half?” Blaine retorts with an amused laughter, “How come you’re here so soon?”

“Dunno,” Adam shrugs again, trying to look past Blaine’s shoulders, “Why aren’t you letting me in? Are you with somebody?”

“Would it surprise you if I was?”

“Kind of, yeah,” Adam answers honestly, and then clears his throat, “Because it’s ten in the morning, I mean. You’re not supposed to have people over to fuck at ten in the morning, are you?”

“Well, maybe I got one clubbing yesterday night and he decided to stay for breakfast,” Blaine grins, still keeping both his hands on either sides of the doorframe, “You still haven’t answered my question, anyway.”

“What question?” Adam tries to stall for time, lifting himself up on his tiptoes to take another peek at Blaine’s apartment.

“Why are you here?” Blaine laughs, leaving the doorframe only to put both his hands on Adam’s shoulders, pushing him back with his feet on the ground. “Stop acting like a child and tell me. Is something wrong?”

“What now, can’t I come and visit a friend just for the sake of it, every now and then?” Adam frowns, pouting.

“Oh, God,” Blaine casts a playfully resigned look at the ceiling, shaking his head, “Alright, you want to have it the hard way, this time. I got it. Let’s waste the rest of both our day with random chit-chat and set phrases. Please,” he adds, moving from the door so to let Adam in, “Do come in, make yourself comfortable and let’s just talk about the weather and how unexpectedly cold it is despite the forthcoming summer, until you feel we’ve had enough casual talking that you can go on and tell me what happened with Leo that prompted you to come back so soon.”

“I really don’t like your attitude,” Adam snorts, still pouting as he walks in and, actually relieved not to find somebody else walking around the house naked, drops on the couch, crossing his legs on the coffee table right in front of it, “Every time I come here, you make me feel as if I was whoring around. You’re always like oh, how come you’re here at such time, Adam?” he complains, mimicking Blaine’s voice, “And oh, how come you’re back so soon, Adam? Should I expect you to start charging me for your time soon?”

“My God, something horrible must have happened,” Blaine chuckles, sitting next to him and patting him on his knees to have him put his feet off the table, “For you to be in such a bad mood.”

“Nothing happened!” Adam almost yells, complying but also deciding to stand up and pace nervously around the couch, “God, you’re unnerving.”

Blaine frowns confusedly, turning around to watch him as he frets, apparently without a reason. “Adam?” he calls him, arching an eyebrow as he stands up too, “Is everything alright?”

“I was just fine before you tried your best to make it impossible for me to be in a good mood anymore,” Adam glares at him, finally stopping and crossing his arms on his chest, “For once, I don’t come here because I want something out of you but just because I wanna chill and hang out with you for a few hours, maybe have some fucking brunch or something, and that’s how you treat me? For Christ’s sake, since I’m not paying you, and you’re not a fucking employee and I’m not your fucking boss, do you think it’s possible for us to have— I don’t know, just one time in which our interaction doesn’t have to be weird and freaky as shit?!”

“Adam!” Blaine tries and stop the waterfalls from wrecking the banks, “My God! You’re hysterical,” he walks towards him and puts a hand on his shoulder, squeezing a little, “Calm down, please. I was just joking. I’m happy to see you and I’m happy to know everything’s fine. I just thought, since two days ago we agreed—”

“I didn’t agree to anything,” Adam frowns, backing off as if Blaine’s hand was on fire, “You just told me you thought it’d be better if we started seeing each other less.”

“Well, I still do,” Blaine nods, not even trying to get close to him again, since Adam’s reaction already told him more than enough to understand it’d be of no use, “We’ve been seeing each other for almost two months, at this point. I’ve taught you everything I knew, now it’s time for you to learn how to stand on your own two feet, and you need to do it far from me. It’s just reasonable.”

“It’s reasonable for you,” Adam spits out, looking away, “You just wanted some free time on your own so you could go clubbing and fucking around again as you did before me, didn’t you?”

Blaine frowns, backing off too, taken aback by this. He wasn’t expecting the question, especially considering after last time Adam came they actually spent a couple of hours talking about this, and in that occasion Adam had shown no sign of having taken it so badly. “Now, what’s this supposed to mean?” he asks, confused, “Am I not free to do what I prefer in my free time?”

“Yeah! Sure!” Adam growls, turning around and walking away from him, “Who asked you not to? Go out and fuck everything that moves as you always liked! You did it when you were with Leo, after all, why wouldn’t you do it now that you’re free as a bird?”

“Leo and I had an agreement,” Blaine follows him, trying to talk in a low, calm voice, because somebody has to and that’s never going to be Adam, “And, frankly, I don’t see how is that any of your business. It wasn’t back then, it certainly isn’t now.”

“Sure, it’s never my business,” Adam turns around to glare at him. What Blaine sees in his eyes worries him and upsets him at the same time.

“Adam, I’m not following,” he admits with a sigh, “First you come here after we decided not to see each other for some days, then, when I remind you, you get angry at me. I tell you I was joking and you literally lash out and start talking about fucking around and Leo… I mean, this makes no sense. If nothing happened and you just wanted to spend some time with me, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Yeah, ‘cause, never forget, I’m always the one who does things wrong,” Adam snorts, looking away again, his eyes dark with rage, “I can’t do a damn thing straight, apparently.”

Blaine frowns again, trying to get closer to him. “Does this have something to do with Leo? Something went wrong and—”

“God, could you stop making everything about Leo?!” Adam turns around only to push him away, and then walks a few steps far from him, “This has nothing to do with Leo! He’s perfectly fine! We’re perfectly fine! Stop talking about him!”

“Alright!” Blaine lifts both his hands in surrender, taking a step back, “Alright, I won’t talk about him anymore. Listen, I don’t want to fight and, frankly, this is all more than ridiculous already, so… please, sit down. Do you want some coffee?”

Adam looks at him for the longest time, and then sighs tiredly. Blaine watches him walk back to the couch and sit down, before looking at him with half a weary smile. “D’you think I need one?” he asks.

Blaine laughs a bit, sitting next to him. “Actually, I don’t, you’re right. I’ve got some ice cream, though.”

“I shouldn’t… I’ve gotta keep in shape, we’ve got a match on Sunday,” Adam looks down at his stomach, but he sounds tempted.

“Come on,” Blaine smirks, “It’s vanilla chocolate chip. You know you want it.”

“Stop it,” Adam laughs, and then relaxes against the back of the couch, “’Kay. Go get it.”

Blaine pretends not to notice the weird sweetness in Adam’s smile as he gets up and walks to the kitchen to retrieve the ice cream and a couple of spoons. When he walks back to the sitting room, Adam’s still where he left him, and he looks better than he did before. The dark, threatening shade in his eyes is long gone, and he’s smiling calmly at himself, checking his phone while he waits for him to return.

“Here,” he says, sitting down on the couch and opening the can. Adam smiles at him and thanks him when he gives him one of the spoons, and Blaine watches him as he dips it in the ice cream and eats some, savoring it like a happy child. “Better?” he asks him with a small laughter.

“Yeah, I suppose there’s nothing ice cream can’t cure,” Adam chuckles, shrugging lightly, “I’m sorry I threw a fit. I was in a mood.”

“I noticed,” Blaine giggles, taking a spoonful of ice cream too, “I don’t want to make you angry again, but… care to tell me what actually happened?”

“I didn’t lie about that, you know?” Adam sighs, moving a little closer on the couch, his shoulder now brushing against Blaine’s with every breath he takes, “Nothing actually happened. It’s just…” he shrugs and looks away. He’s reluctant to talk, it’s clear in the way he keeps avoiding Blaine’s eyes, so maybe nothing happened but there’s still something wrong. “I don’t know. It’s kind of a mess.”

“I got that,” Blaine nods, “Try and tell me in your own words.”

“I’m not stupid, y’know?” Adam glares at him, his lips curling in an annoyed pout, “I don’t need to use my own words, I speak English like you and everybody else, thank you very much.”

“Adam, please,” Blaine chuckles and leans in to kiss him lightly on his lips to shut him up instantly, expecting Adam to instantly get angry at him and punch him in the face, which would at least make him stop being so whiny and pouty – two things that, as cute as they might look on him, tend to be really annoying after a while.

None of this happens, though, and there’s a tiny voice in the back of Blaine’s head that keeps telling him he should notice these details and make something out of them, but he ignores it. Adam’s lips taste like sugar, milk, vanilla and chocolate. Somehow, for a couple of seconds, that’s all he can possibly think about.

“Okay,” Adam sighs, settling back on the couch, “The thing is— I don’t know. We kind of… switched off.”

“You did what?” Blaine asks, bewildered, reaching out for another spoonful of ice cream.

“We switched off,” Adam repeats, “Me and Leo.”

“What, all of a sudden?” Blaine asks, suspiciously.

“Nah,” Adam sighs, looking away in embarrassment, “It kind of happened gradually. We’ve been having sex and it’s been good, like, actually better than it’s ever been, even though that’s not much to say, since it sucked before,” he adds with a small chuckles that echoes with Blaine’s. “But… I don’t know. Maybe I was expecting too much, maybe it’s just normal, but I thought…” he looks up at Blaine and then quickly looks away, “I thought that, when I was able to catch up with Leo, then there’d be fireworks.”

“And… I guess there weren’t?” Blaine inquires with a small, understanding smile.

Adam shakes his head kind of sadly, sighing deeply. His features look more serene, now that he managed to take this weight off his shoulders, though, and Blaine can’t help the tender smile that surfaces on his lips, curling them upwards, when he sees him suddenly look so much smaller and innocent than he usually does.

“Alright… listen, it’s very possible the main problem here is that you were expecting too much,” he tries and reassure him, patting his hand on his shoulder, “Sex doesn’t always blow like a bomb or something. Sometimes it’s just quiet, it’s just alright, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.”

“Yeah, listen, I don’t need to hear that,” Adam frowns, “It’s stupid, I don’t need that. I’m not an idiot. I know sex was never just fine when you two were together, it was mind-blowing, every single time. I know it, I was there. And…” he swallows and looks down at the ice cream as he plays with it with the tip of his spoon, “Every time I came here in the last two months, and I had an orgasm… it wasn’t just fine. It was fucking amazing. So don’t give me any of that pampering bullshit. If you taught me something, it’s the exact opposite. Sex should be awesome every time, every time in its own way, okay, but still awesome. And that’s just plain not happening. I’m starting to doubt it ever did, or ever will.”

“Now, now,” Blaine chuckles, patting Adam’s shoulder again, “Don’t be a drama queen. I’m proud of you, you’ve come incredibly far on the road to become an incredibly convincing imitation of homosexual, but there’s no need to put your sparkling dress and your eight inches stilettos and a blond curly wig on.”

“Stop mocking me,” Adam pouts, lightly elbowing him in his ribs, “I hate you.”

He says it like he means the exact opposite. Blaine’s brain records it unconsciously, even though he’s not aware of it. He’s heard him said in the same way from Leo, under very similar circumstances. He should probably worry about this too, but Adam’s sweet, sweeter than he’s ever been since they started with this dangerous game, and Blaine feels good enough not to want this warm, cozy feeling gone.

“I’m sorry,” he answers, “I didn’t mean to. Listen, I know what would make you feel better,” he tries, smiling a little brightly and clapping his hands.

“You do?” Adam asks, looking up at him as he was descending straight from heaven to bless him with a miracle.

“Yes,” Blaine nods, and stands up. “You know what I do every time I’m particularly nervous about some performance? I sing on my own. I sing and sing for days and bask in the sweet sound of my lovely voice enough to be sure of how good I am again.”

“You can’t help to brag, can you?” Adam laughs, curling a little on the couch.

“Shut up,” Blaine smiles, reaching out for him and dragging him up, “We’re going to do the same for you now.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t carry a tune if my life depended on it,” Adam chuckles, pretending to follow him around unwillingly but actually rushing to catch up with Blaine as he leads him to the bedroom.

“Don’t be silly,” Blaine laughs, “I won’t ask you to sing, it’s not your voice you’re insecure about.”

“We’re still not gonna fuck,” Adam clarifies, but his smirk is not nearly as threatening as the frown he used to wear when saying the same thing up until just a few weeks ago. “We still have rules.”

“We do, yes,” Blaine nods and smiles, “But we’re going to find a way around them, to help you once and for all.”

“A way around them?” Adam asks, frowning a bit but still unable to conceal the little spark of hope that burns in his eyes when he hears that.

“Leave it to me,” Blaine smirks, letting him go and climbing on the bed, “Don’t you trust me?”

“Not in the least,” Adam shakes his head, but he’s chuckling in amusement and childish excitement.

Something tells Blaine he should stop, that what he wants to do would push this too far, but the way he’s seen Adam react has convinced him he’ll never be able to make him able to stand on his own if he doesn’t force him. Sometimes, kids must be pushed, he thinks with a light smile as he takes off his t-shirt and throws it carelessly on the floor, thinking about years ago, when the kid he needed to push was someone else.

“Come here,” he says, inviting.

Adam moistens his lips, his eyes alight, unable to wipe that curious, excited smirk off his face. “What are you doing?” he asks.

“Nothing,” Blaine chuckles, “But you are. Come on,” he says, and then unbuttons his jeans and sits down on the bed, pulling them down his thighs and then off on the floor where the t-shirt already lies still.

“I’m not sure I should be doing this,” Adam giggles a little nervously as he climbs on the bed too and kneels closer, his fingers anxiously tugging at the hem of his own t-shirt as if he was uncertain on what to do with it, if he should take it off or keep it on.

“That makes two of us,” Blaine answers with a vague smile. Then he takes off his underpants, and Adam swallows.

“What do I have to do?” he asks, his eyes dropping at Blaine’s crotch. Something in his expression changes quickly, he’s concentrated, now, focused on his task.

“Bottom drawer in my nightstand,” Blaine says, gesturing towards it as he turns on his stomach, settling his pillow under his chest to keep himself up and lie in the right position, “There’s something inside it— you’ll know when you see it. It’s clean, so don’t make a fuss. Take it.”

Adam blinks a couple of times, confused by all the mystery. Then he takes his t-shirt off and sits on the edge of the bed, leaning in to open the drawer. He actually laughs as he fetches a dildo from it, holding it up between two fingers. “Seriously?” he asks, and there’s uncertainty in his eyes, but also curiosity, together with a little bit of fear, “You want me to use this?”

“I have no idea how you fuck,” Blaine chuckles, shrugging a bit, “I can’t find out first hand, but you can fuck me with that. Then, I’ll know.”

“Shut up!” Adam laughs again, throwing the dildo on the bed and standing up to kneel on the mattress again, “You can’t be serious,” he tries, but Blaine arches an eyebrow and his smile widens a bit. “But you are,” he actually finishes, swallowing uneasily, “I’m not sure.”

“Listen,” Blaine says, “I certainly am not going to force you. Do it, if you want to. I don’t mind, if it can help you. Besides, it’s not that different from what we have already done, so I guess the choice is yours. If you’re not up for it, we’ll call it quits and it’ll be like it never happened, I promise.”

Adam looks at him for the longest time, his face unreadable, his eyes clearly troubled, even if Blaine can’t exactly tell by what. He watches him as he crawls towards him, almost crouching on the bed next to him to look at him in his eyes. “You’re crazy,” he whispers, “I mean, it must be a medical condition. The way you are… it’s unbelievable.”

“You think so?” Blaine chuckles a bit, tilting his head. He’s flirting, and he knows it. It shouldn’t, but it’s making him feel good.

“I do,” Adam nods, and there’s something different in his voice and in his eyes, in the way his fingers touch Blaine’s skin when he dares to reach out to stroke his shoulder and his back down along his spine. “You must be, like, an alien from outer space. You don’t live by our common rules. I don’t know if you’re awesome or just a dickhead.”

“I can be both,” Blaine laughs, “You certainly are.”

“I’m not a dickhead,” Adam frowns. Blaine laughs and Adam laughs too. “’Kay, maybe a bit.”

“Maybe,” Blaine laughs again and then sighs, laying his head on the pillow. “So. Should I put my clothes back on?”

Adam doesn’t answer to that. He reaches out for the first drawer, fetching the lube, and then grabs the dildo. Blaine understands he won’t need clothes anytime soon, and parts his legs, settling as comfortably as he can under Adam when he moves on top of him, pushing his knee up between his thighs to have him spread them some more.

Blaine closes his eyes, relaxing peacefully as he hears the familiar sound of the bottle’s plastic cap popping open, and the equally familiar one of the lube as it gets squirted on Adam’s fingers. He pushes his hips up a little to expose himself as he hears Adam’s breath become labored and uneven, his fingers quickly smearing the lube all around his opening. He can’t help but moan a bit as he feels one of them pushing against it, asking for permission to enter his body.

He couldn’t deny it, and he doesn’t.

“Am I doing well?” Adam asks, nervously, as he slowly pushes and pulls his index finger in and out of him, curling it every now and then to make room inside of Blaine’s body.

“Yes,” Blaine whispers, moistening his lips as his hips follow the movements of Adam’s hands, “You’re doing fine.”

“Just fine?” he asks with a small laughter, and Blaine laughs too.

“You’re doing great,” he reassures him, “Go on. I like it.”

Adam doesn’t answer, but Blaine’s words affect him, it’s clear in the way he moves right after hearing them. He’s more confident, his long fingers move faster, more easily. He plays as much as he learned on himself it was possible to do, and Blaine enjoys each and every second of it, and he makes sure Adam knows by expressing his pleasure with moans and heavy pants.

Adam shakes and shivers, every now and then, and Blaine knows he’s hard, now. He can feel his cock pressed against his ass and he’d scream to have it pushed in this very moment, but even in his state he knows he can’t. So he just fidgets under Adam’s body, hoping he’ll get the message, and Adam does.

He pours some lube on the dildo and rubs it against Blaine’s opening a couple of times, pushing just the head in and then pulling it out and chuckling whenever Blaine moans turn disappointed every time.

“Adam, go for it,” he finally growls, pushing his ass down right on the dildo and managing to get it inside himself for a couple of inches. He welcomes the much expected presence with a liquid moan that makes Adam’s hips jerk upwards, and he moans again when he feels the hot flesh of Adam’s cock rub against his buttock. “Don’t stop,” he whispers.

“I couldn’t if the roof fell on me,” Adam hisses, as he bites down at Blaine’s neck in a sudden fit of hunger, his hips moving quickly, his hand naturally following the movement as the dildo swiftly disappears into Blaine’s body, emerging right after only to dive into him again the next moment.

It’s already pleasant enough for Blaine to have to hide his face against the pillow and muffle his moans so that his voice doesn’t rise too much, but when Adam’s free hand closes around his length, stroking him quickly, accordingly to his own thrusts and to the movements of the dildo inside his body, it starts to get too much to be handled anymore.

Blaine lifts his face from the pillow and closes his hands in fists around the sheets, tugging them violently with each and every thrusts until he tears them off their corners. Adam lets out a deep, confused moan as he licks and kisses and bites the curve of Blaine’s neck messily, as if he had no idea what to do or how to do it – something that might just as well be true –, and Blaine tilts his head, exposing his neck more and biting at his own bottom lip as he tries to keep himself together, hoping to at least keep his pride intact. But just when he’s thinking whether he could or couldn’t maybe keep Adam as a puppy, perhaps store him in the closet and take him out during particularly cold and lonely nights like he does with the old blue wool blanket he used to sleep with when he was a kid, Adam lets out a deep, whiny noise and comes all over his back, and the warm, sticky feeling of his come as it drips down his spine and between his buttocks is enough, by itself, to push Blaine over the edge, forcing him to come with an almost desperate noise that escapes his throat despite how hard Blaine tries to keep it down.

Adam’s the first to recover, and also the first to roll away when he’s able to move. He lies down on his back, his eyes half-closed but stubbornly glued to the ceiling as he breathes quickly in and out, his chest moving accordingly, both his arms and legs spread on the mattress.

Blaine chuckles, looking at him. He looks so helpless, so much like a kid. He didn’t use to look like this when he actually was a kid, and it’s kind of ironic that he would drop all his defenses and look like one now that they shouldn’t even be here together.

Adam turns to look at him and frowns, annoyed. “I swear, if you start mocking me now, I’m gonna cut you open and use your entrails to hang you.”

“I have no intention to,” Blaine chuckles again, “You just looked cute, and it was funny. But, other than that, I can assure you there’s nothing you deserve to be mocked about.”

Adam passes a hand through his hair, moving them away from his eyes and his sweaty forehead. “What d’you mean?”

“That you’re a great lover, Adam,” he smiles encouragingly, lifting himself up on his elbows, “Seriously, there’s nothing, nothing wrong with the way you have sex. You’re a bit rough and messy, that much is true, but that’s just you. You are rough and messy, but also very dedicate and, though you may not be a fast learner, you sure put yourself into it a lot. And that’s amazing.”

Adam blinks a couple of times, staring at him and holding his breath. Blaine can almost see him blushing, for a moment, but he’s not sure about it, because Adam’s incredibly quick to move forward, closer to him, and press his lips against him in a small, chaste kiss.

Blaine chuckles, pulling back and playfully keeping him away by pressing his index finger against Adam’s forehead. “Now, now, don’t get romantic with me, Walker,” he jokes, “What just happened should reassure you about your performances: there’s nothing wrong with them, I liked it a lot!, so I’m sure you and Leo just need a little bit of time to, you know, set in. Eventually, you’ll settle, and you’ll see, at that point everything will be—” Adam leans in again, forcing him close and kissing him once more, this time deeply, grabbing him by his hips and holding him still as his tongue searches for Blaine’s in quick, hungry strokes, “—just perfect,” Blaine exhales breathlessly when Adam lets him free to. Then he swallows, looking up at him and finding two brown, dark and confused eyes staring back at him in a desperate, silent request. “Adam,” he says, swallowing hard, “Please, move away.”

“But why?” Adam insists, trying to keep him close despite all the effort Blaine puts into moving away from him as gently and kindly, but at the same time as quickly and firmly, as he can, “Wasn’t it good? You told me you liked it! Blaine, I liked it a lot. I like it a lot every time I come here.”

“Adam, please, don’t,” Blaine shakes his head, climbing off the bed and retrieving his pants, putting them on without an hesitation.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Adam stands up too, and puts a hand on Blaine’s shoulder as if trying to stop him, “It’s not working as it should, with Leo.”

“As it should?” Blaine turns around and gives him an ironic, cold look, that is more than enough to push Adam away as efficiently as nothing else could, “What do you even mean with that, Adam? As it should? Let me be the one who breaks it down for you, Adam: nothing ever in the world goes as it should. Doesn’t matter how many hours and days and months or even years you spend fantasizing about things, when they happen, they do it as they do, and there’s no other way they could have ever happened, and you need to accept this, and do it fast, before you ruin your life with your own hands.”

For a moment, Adam looks so stunned he doesn’t even seem to be able to breathe properly. He stands there, suddenly aware of his own embarrassing nakedness but without any strength left to even pick up his clothes from the floor, and covers himself with his hands, looking right at Blaine as if hoping to hear him say he was just joking. “But, Blaine—” he tries, but he doesn’t let him finish.

“Now I get where all this has been going since you arrived,” he says, a sad, disappointed grin twisting the plump curve of his lips, “You wanting to hang out with me, whining about things not being fine enough with Leo. You’ve lived on a fantasy for years, and now that you’ve got the real thing it’s suddenly not enough. Well, tough shit, Adam. You’re not going to use me to ease yourself out of your unsatisfying relationship with your boyfriend, if that’s what it is.”

Adam suddenly looks down, his eyes growing darker as he hugs himself, pressing his fingers so hard against his skin to leave white spots on it. “You were fine letting me use you to get better at sex, though.”

“That was supposed to help you with you boyfriend, not to break you up!” Blaine answers, raising his voice in irritation against Adam’s stubborn refusal to understand.

“But I feel so good with you!” Adam looks up at him again, moving a step closer, “I can’t help but think that maybe it’s you and I who’s supposed to—”

“We’re not,” Blaine denies categorically, shaking his head and putting his t-shirt back on, “We’re completely not, Adam. I realize I may have given you some mixed signals, but—”

Some mixed signals?” Adam replies angrily, his eyes quickly filling with rage, “Try with you poured an entire fucking ocean of them on my fucking head, that’d be more accurate!”

“Still,” Blaine reprises, looking at him straight in his eyes, serious, calm, definitive, “I’m not in love with you, and I don’t want to be your boyfriend. More importantly, Adam,” he adds with a small apologetic smile, “You’re not in love with me, and you don’t want to be my boyfriend.”

“Don’t you dare,” Adam growls, finally regaining his strengths altogether and bending over to retrieve his pants and his tee, “Don’t you fucking dare telling me how I feel, because you know nothing and—”

“But I do,” Blaine smiles again, trying his best not to get closer and pull Adam into a comforting hug as he would like to. As much as he would, he also knows it’d only be counterproductive. Right now, the only sensible thing to do is try and get the kid out of this house as soon as possible. “I do know how you feel, Adam. Right now, I’m an easy way out, somebody you’ve been barely knowing for just a few weeks and that hasn’t given you anything more than a few orgasms. You’ve been in love with Leo all your life, you’ve fantasized about him, you’ve fantasized about how it would be to finally be his boyfriend. You had a whole movie playing in your head, but when you actually got into the theater the lights were all wrong, the characters didn’t have the right faces, all the accents were fucked up and the costumes were a mess, but you’re focusing on the details, and ignoring that the main plot is still exactly what you wanted it to be.”

Adam presses his t-shirt against his chest, his whole body trembling, tears of rage stinging in his eyes. He’s not gonna cry, he tells himself. He’s not gonna cry, he’s not gonna give this away. “You don’t understand,” he says, his voice shaking, “You’re wrong.”

“Let’s make a bet, then,” Blaine says, still smiling as reassuringly as he can, “The next time I happen to see you, like, casually meeting you on the street or something, if I was right and you and Leo are still happy together, you’ll buy me a beer.”

“And what if you’re wrong and I’m right?” Adam raises his eyes on Blaine’s again, “What if we broke up and I’m miserable?”

Blaine smiles again, trying not to chuckle tenderly. “Then I’ll give you a chance to prove me you’d be better off with me,” he says.

Somehow, this seems to pacify him.

to be continued
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